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TheMidnightMage was here ;D




Unnamed Bunny/Rabbit OC by Sonic1464
Unnamed Bunny/Rabbit OC
So I recently adopted a new Sonic OC. When I saw this character, I wanted her, I had points, so I bought her lol Now I need help naming her, please tell me what name she should have. :)


Artwork by :iconjessie-jewel:

Base by :iconfivey:

Character now owned by me xD
Guess what guys? I have a new character :) will post very soon.
Expect a journal from me regarding my plans for 2016 very soon. (Maybe tomorrow lol)
My body is ready for the final smash broadcast XD
1: What are you wearing? 
A brown shirt and shorts

2: Ever been in love?

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
Oh yes..

4: How tall are you?

5: How much do you weigh?

6: Any tattoos?

7: Any piercings?

8: OTP?

9: Favorite show?
Toooo many 

10: Favorite bands?
Disturbed, Device, Skillet, Linkin Park, A7X

11: Something you miss?

12: Favorite song?
Tooo fucking many

13: How old are you?

14: Zodiac sign?

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
Eh...I would nice and willing to talk to me I guess or maybe have some of my interests

16: Favorite Quote?
Again too many.

17: Favorite actor?
So many.

18: Favorite color?
Red and Black

19: Loud music or soft?
Loud definitely 

20: Where do you go when you're sad?
My bed.

21: How long does it take you to shower?
5 minutes

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
2 minutes.

23: Ever been in a physical fight?
No, verbal yes.

24: Turn on?
Next Question

25: Turn off?

26: The reason I joined DeviantArt?
Friend recommendation

27: Fears?
Can't say I have any

28: Last thing that made you cry?
None of ur business

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
Not long ago.

30: Meaning behind your DeviantArt Name?
Sonic fan and I like the number 14 and 64

31: Last book you read?
Math book -.-

32: The book you're currently reading?
Math book -.-

33: Last show you watched?
Sonic Boom

34: Last person you talked to?
:iconlaughssassin: actually she's right next to me xD

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
A good friend of mine.

36: Favorite food?

37: Place you want to visit?
Hard to say.

38: Last place you were?

39: Do you have a crush?
Next question

40: Last time you kissed someone?
3 years ago

41: Last time you were insulted?
Not long ago

42: Favorite flavor of sweet?

43: What instruments do you play?
Never played one ever.

44: Favorite piece of jewelery?

45: Last sport you played?

46: Last song you sang?
Skywall by Adelle

47: Favorite chat up line?

48: Have you ever used it?

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
Well, I hang with friends  after school or out of school

50: Who should answer these questions next?
anyone on my friends and watch list.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Watching: Youtube videos
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros 3ds and TF2
  • Drinking: Water


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
TheMidnightMage was here~ ;D

These people are awesome to me :D I respect all of them.
:iconccgonzo12: :iconthemidnightmage: :iconpopiit: :iconangelwaveo6: :iconflossyraptor: :icondarkhallows1000: :iconxx-romantique: :iconlaughssassin:

Favorite Artists and Inspirations:
:iconthemidnightmage: :iconccgonzo12: :iconprettyfoxxylady: :iconss2sonic: :iconpopiit: :iconangelwaveo6: :iconfarfromserious: :iconflossyraptor: :iconxx-romantique:

Friends I know IRL:
:iconthemidnightmage: :iconlaughssassin:

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I also receive 14-16 pj's when I'm a 10 to 12 lol
All my mom got was soap as well this year. She remarked "what do they think we stink or something?"
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